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Eroticism and sexuality in ancient Egypt



…sensual dancers who come to life if a skilful representation makes them look beautiful, attractive, sexy. Perhaps it is true that, at banquets and parties, they used to dance naked, wearing only a garland of flowers round their neck: who can say? …


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Eroticism and sexuality in ancient Egypt

The culture of our time is trying to understand the differences made by gender from the psychologic, social and artistic point of view. The interest in life at the time of the Pharaohs comes from the fact that Ancient Egypt was the only place where women had the same social and juridical rights men had. Eroticism and Sexuality in Ancient Egypt by Alfredo Luvino fits perfectly this wave of thought, revealing unknown aspects of the Egyptian society of the time. Eroticism and sexuality are observed by the point of view of perception and fruition by the modern reader, bridging the gap between him and a correct understanding of the subject. Make your day joyous. Inhale the most sophisticated perfumes, put garlands of flowers around the neck and the arms of the woman you love. Let her sit next to you, let there be music and dance for her. Banish troubles far away from you, concentrate on enjoying yourself, until the day comes when you have to reach the land of silence. (Pierluigi Baima Bollone)

Author: Alfredo Aldo Carlo Luvino

Egyptologist, he graduated and specialized with Silvio Curto. Professor of Egyptology at the Popular University of Turin and scientific collaborator of the Egyptian Museum of Turin, he is also the author of scientific articles, novels and essays related to ancient Egyptian civilization.


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